Mini-Reunion Pages

These pages contain a few of the pictures from the mini-reunions. More can be found at the Yahoo mail group. You can join the mail group from the contact page.

Brandenburg, KY, Aug 2006

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El Paso, Mar 2006

Charles Town mini-reunion

 101st Snowbird Reunion photos
Feb 2005

Dennis Smith, Lance Ruck and Harold Smith.
Dennis and Harold are brothers of Lancer KIA Arthur W. Smith

Harold and Dennis with the Honor Guard

Dennis and Harold standing when the families 
of KIA's were recognized.

Lanny please resend this photo

Governors Vacaro, Ruck, and Bittle. Meeting was Saturday and started at 9AM and concluded at 2:30 PM. Pursuant to my resolution, the Screaming Eagle Newsletter will be achieved over the next two years and become available on CD Rom. Any who are not members of the 101st can join anytime, especially if you are planning on coming to Tampa Bay?

Midland, TX
November 13, 2004

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Dave M. and Randy G. at Midland Tx Dave's note

Mini in Vancouver, WA

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Barb and Dennis Souza meet with Ginger and Gary Bowman

Photos sent in by Dennis Souza


Mini in Houston

 From Walt White:

Lancer Attendees: Buddy Dietz, Barry Beard aka Greenhouse (GH), Terry Kaufman (TK), Richard Powers (RP), Manuel Catzoela (MC), Walter White (W2), Lanny Ruck (LR)

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Buddy Dietz and Family


Richard and Catz

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Terry and Richard


W2 and Richard

More of Walt White's photos can be found at:

And one late arrival:

The whole gang in Houston