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Here are some of the reunion photos of Lanny Ruck and Gary Rozzell, 14 May 2001.

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Gary Rozzell(l) and Lanny Ruck(r)


Lanny and Gary


And the reunion with Lanny, Randy G., Cheryl and Danny Busby in Ft. worth, 16 May 2001.

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The Gang, from l to r, Randy Lanny, Cheryl and Danny

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Randy with his date.

(She came with her apron?)

Randy's real date.

My bet's on the horse.

Some past mini-reunions:

Bill Walker and Lanny

Bill Walker (picture taken by Lanny)

Lanny & the Busbys

Gary Whitty and Lanny

John Donaldson (picture taken by Lanny)

Walt White and Bill Griffith (where's Lanny?)

Lanny and Walt White

Dave Mussey and Lanny (that Lanny guy sure gets around)