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  Mini in Washington, DC

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Fellow Lancers Richard Crandall, Bruce Pusey and Kevin Moore meet in DC after many years.


       Just a quick word about the mini-re
union in DC.  It was a resounding success.  We caught up on old times, paid our respects at the Wall several times, and eventually settled down to deal fully with the issue of Lancer wine.  Once that was settled satisfactorily, we dealt with the issue of Drambuie.  Rest assured that the word Lancers will resound forever in the halls of the Arlington VFW.

Bruce Pusey

And one special photo of Bruce with Nancy Sinatra.

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 Mini in Albuquerque 

Dave Mussey and Juan Souto, President of the UH Club of Argentina meet in Albuquerque.

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 Mini in Kentucky 

     Paul and Margarte Cole, Steve Smith, Andy Archer, my wife Denise and I attended this mini-reunion last night (3/1/03) in Covington, Kentucky.  There were about 120 people in attendance for the dinner at the Hilton Inn.  What a great night!
      I am sure more pictures will be forthcoming from Paul and Andy, as they had their cameras with them, too.  But, I am forwarding these for now.
      I will send 4-5 separate e-mails with a single picture in each.  It is pretty easy to see how the evening progressed.  This first one was taken when I arrived and saw Andy and Steve in the hospitality suite.

Bill  17

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This one is from Andy Archer:

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 Savannah, GA Mini 

Ben Peeples, Steve Crimm and Bill Griffith



 Sheffield, Ohio Mini 

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Steve Crimm and Bill Walker meet again after 31 years


 Austin Mini 

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Lanny Ruck and Walt White

Walt and Rita White and Lanny Ruck


 El Paso Mini 

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Jim Ballard, Lanny Ruck and Dave Mussey Jim in 1970

 Cleveland Mini 

Andy Archer and Steve Crimm


 New Orleans Mini 

Mike, Lanny and Terry NOLA.jpg (278462 bytes)                  NOLA2.jpg (269189 bytes) Mike and Terry


 Mike Mooneyhan Visits the Horne Family 

Jerry and Goatie 


Mike, Jerry and Mrs. Horne


 Benny Monroe Presented Service Award 

On 26 June 2002, Paul Cole presented a special service plaque to Mike "Benny" Monroe for his back to back tours in Vietnam. 


 Andy and Dennis Visit Again 

Barb and I visited with Andy and Fran Zachral. As many of you know Andy is Zach's brother. We exchanged information about Zach and Andy was kind enough to loan me some more pictures form Zach's tour in Vietnam. Along with pictures he also loaned me some orders received by Zach which contain names of other Lancers. I am in hopes that this information will help to locate these other Lancers.

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Andy and Dennis enjoying their visit



 My Mini-Reunions while on the road, May 2002 

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Mike M, David M. and Gary W.

Paul Phillips

David M and Andy A.

David M and Bob D.

Sorry but I left  meetings with Steve S. and Randy G. without taking a picture. I'd like to again thank all that I met up with for the great hospitality. Enjoyed seeing you all.



 Mini-Reunion in Dayton, Ohio 

March 1-3, 2002

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The hospitality suite at the Hope Hotel Wright Patterson AFB with;
        Bill and Denise Walker
        Andy and Janet Archer
        Paul and Margaret Cole

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The Air Force Museum at WPAFB
        Bill Walker [17]
        Bob Duesenberry [660]
        Paul Cole [6]
        Andy Archer [18]

Photos sent in by Andy Archer


 Reunion Early Last Year 

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Dan Shea, Terry Willman and his wife Karie visit in Phoenix.


 Zach's Brother Visits A Lancer 

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Renwick Zacherl's brother, Andy(r.), spends some time with Dennis Souza(l.)

 A Mini-Reunion in AZ 

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(l. to r.) Roger Olsson, Terry Willman and Gene Parks

Walt White and Terry Willman met in Phoenix . 

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(l to r) Ralph (WW's boss) Terry & Karie Willman and Walt White Terry presenting Walt with one of his books

More pictures can be found at the mail server site under files.

 Then and Now 

Pictures sent in by Mike Mooneyhan:

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Danny Busby(l) and Dave Haglund(r) with tail rotor blades from 1969.

Mike(l) and Dave(r) with new tail rotor blades 2001.

Mike plans on bringing the new blades to the next reunion for all Lancers to sign.

Mike Mooneyhan presenting John Donaldson his plaque. 

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One from the Walt Squared reunion:

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Walt White and Walt Fuller