This evening I returned home from a mini-reunion with Randy Gilliam in Midland, TX. We had met there to participate in a dedication of the third and final stage of the Permian Basin Vietnam Veteran Memorial. Randy had been on the Board of Directors for this project in the early years of its development. He is actually the designer of the initial phase of the project.

 The ceremonies today were not detracted from by the cold and wet weather, in fact, everything was outstanding. The speakers, artists and committee members who put the whole thing together did themselves, their community and the loved ones of those lost men proud. The Permian Basin Vietnam Veteran Memorial commemorates the sacrifices made by the 225 men who gave their all in the Vietnam War. Today's dedication included the mounting of a Huey as if it was coming in for a landing in front of three soldiers. Two of whom are giving support to a wounded comrade to board "The Last Dust-off". If ever you happen to pass through Midland, it is well worth a stop to see. The Memorial is located just off I20 (exit 126) next to the Midland airport.

 The attached pictures are:

#90 The "Wall" which is phase one (background) and the "Eternal Flame" (foreground), phase two.

#91 The Huey arriving to pick up the wounded.

#97 A close up of the life size bronze sculpture of the soldiers.

#98 Randy and myself.

 If you'd like to know more about the Memorial, please visit their website at:

http://www.veteransmemorial.us/ .