I have included some links to other sites of interest.

An Eagle's Eye View - A book by Terry Willman on Lancer bird 658. 

158th Avn. Bn. Units

    A 158th Avn - Ghost Riders 

    B 158th Avn - Lancers (You are Here)

    Modern Day Lancers FRG 

    C 158th Avn - Phoenix

    Currently the Redskins do not have an active site.

101st Airborne Division Assn. - This links to an outstanding organization, all Screaming Eagles should check this one out.

Vietnam Helicopter Crew Members Association (VHCMA) - This is another outstanding organization for all Vietnam Helicopter Aircrew Members regardless of their branch of service.

Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association (VHPA) - A very large group of Vietnam flyers here.

Vietnam Helicopter Flight Crew Network (VHFCN) - Lots of good stuff here.

B 2/17 Cav - Ban'Shees

174th AHC - Dolphins and Sharks 

B 101st Avn - Kingsmen

U. S. Army Attack Heliopters - Good one.

161st AHC - Another good site.

Joe Kline Aviation Art - Great works 

A 101st Avn - Comanchero. 

25th Avn Bn - Excellent site of one of the 25th Inf. Div. units. 

U. S. Army Aviation History - Official history site at Ft. Rucker, AL 

The Virtual Wall - A Vietnam Veteran's Memorial 

The National Vietnam War Museum - A museum beyond artifacts. 

U.S. Army Aviation - Private site about Army Aviation. 

U.S. Army Dustoff Association - Good site about the Dustoffs. 

LZ Sally and Berk's Footlocker - from the guys that served at LZ Sally. 

In the Shadow of the Blade - A tribute to all Vietnam Vets who experienced the Huey. 

Donut Dollies of Vietnam - Everyone remembers them. 

Retrieving Your Records - Online request for your personal military records.

The Vietnam Archives at Texas Tech University - For Vietnam Veterans

Rolling Thunder Ohio Chapter 2 - POW/MIA issues. 

L Co. 75th Inf.  -  Remember our Rangers.

506th Infantry Regiment - Currahees. 

American Veterans Search - Aid to locating veterans. 

Veterans' Forum - The History Channel's Vet page. 

Vietnam War Stories - War stories and research tools. 

Vietnam Veterans Homepage - On line forum. 

Vietnam War Records - On line forum. 

101st Airborne Division - Homepage of the active division. 

My Dad is a Vet - A Daughter's beautiful dedication to her Father. 

B Co. 2nd 501st Inf (101st Abn Div) - Geronimo, Airborne All The Way. 

Ripcord Association - For our Ripcord Vets. 

Patience Press - An excellent site on PTSD. 

5th Special Forces Group (Abn) - You remember working with these guys. 

Veteran's News and Information Service(VNIS) - Lots of info here.  

American Legion Post China Post #1 in Exile - Interesting history on this post. 

Department of Veterans Affairs - Get all the info you need about your VA benefits. 

Robert L. Howard - MOH recipient and MACVSOG veteran.

UH Club of Argentina - Club of UH1 enthusiasts from the Army of Argentina. (In Spanish only) 

Neil Mishalov's Web Page - A listing of Vietnam Medal of Honor recipients and more. 

Special Forces Association Thailand - I'm sure everyone remembers the CCN guys. 

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