Lancer Friends

This page is dedicated to contributions from the friends of Lancers.

Contacts by friends:

Dennis Kreish (17th AHC)
Bob Clewell (A/101st Avn.)
Wayne Capps (A/158th Avn)
Ken Mayberry (C/ 158th Avn)
Tommie McFarlin (D/158th Avn)
Mike Sloniker (174th AHC)
Marvin Green (C/158th Avn)
Larry Frazier (C/158th Avn)
Robert Owens (A/158th Avn)
Albert Sass   (A/158th Avn)
Roy M Ahalt (D/158th Avn)
Chuck Rollins (Air Cav Trp 11th ACR)
David Culbertson (C/158th Avn)
Rick Siler (A/158th Avn)
Hal Loyer (C/159th Avn)
Joe Kline (B/101st Avn)
Juan Souto  (Argentina Army)
David W. Carnline  (D/158th Avn)
Dave Ballard  (B/159th Avn)
Mark Whitt   (A/377 Arty)
Alan Hardin   (D/158th Avn Modern)
Gary Smith   8-101st AVN
Randy Goulette  (C 158th Avn)
Hannibal Bray  (Former Commander, B 5/101 Avn)
Richard Bittle (A 101 Avn)


Pictures sent in:

chuck1.jpg (19868 bytes)

blackhorse.jpg (18707 bytes)

chuck2.jpg (18324 bytes)

Chuck Rollins and his Hog

Chuck's 11th ACR Patch

Chuck's Hog

Redskins2.jpg (61009 bytes)

ITSOTB Nov15 02.jpg (178036 bytes)


Alan Hardin's new Redskin patch

Chuck Rollins and his daughter Lisa at one of the 'Shadow of the Blade' LZs 


More from Juan Souto in Argentina

AE446 crew chief asoma 2.jpg (28010 bytes)

Juan vuelo UH.jpg (32910 bytes)

Lancer friends.jpg (22074 bytes)

Crew Chief of our old 684, Asoma

Juan Vuelo

Lancer Decal on 684

This picture was taken yesterday July 17th at 1100 hours in Buenos Aires.
The 17684 on active duty and healthy.
Cap. Luis "Trueno" Guillot is the AC.
I am the Peter Pilot.
Corp. Orue the CE.

Regards to all

Juan Souto

 From Juan Souto in Argentina

Hope everything is ok over there. I will try to get some time and read all the news at the Lancers page ! Happy to know the good news from Dennis also.

Finally we celebrate our dinner the 21st of May. Unfortunately it was a terrible day. Weather was awful and 8 members were unable to reach the Army base because of a flood. 2 of the members phoned us during dinner while on service with the Huey assisting civilians on another flood in Santa Fe province, north from Buenos Aires.

We were a few, but we had a very nice time together  and 5 hours  talking about flying and living with the Huey, remembrances of hard experiences and also a moment for a toast to our veterans. Everybody was enthusiastic and loved the picture you sent to me, so we took a picture  giving our salute to the Lancers and all veterans of the 101st.  Also showed the Lancer patch and CCN to my friends. It was great!


UHClub cena 2.jpg (128411 bytes)
From left to right :
Mj Fernando Dominguez . Huey pilot (active) Chief of  Support Company 604.
Mj Rodolfo De Luca .Huey Pilot (active) Chief of Attaq Sqd 602. He is in charge of Huey # 17684.
Myself. (Juan Souto)
Sgt Gustavo Ibarra. Crew chief + mechanic (retired).
LtCol Jorge Svendsen. Huey Pilot (Retired). He is the one who recovered the pilot from the water during the War in the South Atlantic. You have the drawing on the calendar

Sent in by Ghost Rider Albert Sass:

Last Breath

I am so tired, so weary, I must stop, and I must rest. I can not go on. As my weapon falls to the damp earth, I drop to the ground and stretch out. As I lay on my back staring up at the night sky, the stars seem brighter than I have ever before seen them. I hear the sound of the insects, and the trickle of water from somewhere near, all the night sounds seem so clear and have a pleasing sound that soothes and relaxes me. I feel a gentle breeze caressing and cooling my hot sweaty skin.
 My Comrades are standing all around, looking down at me with such sadness on their faces. I can not seem to understand, is something wrong? Can they not see the beautiful stars; can they not listen and enjoy nature's night song? I do not understand, but I can not seem to tell them. No matter, they are moving on with their funny hats, and their sad painted faces that seem so out of place here. They start off down the dark, damp trail, taking the little sacks they carry on their backs and the weapons they carry as if an extenuation of their arms. They must be in an awful hurry, for I can no longer see or hear them. However I can still hear the gentle sounds, and oh those beautiful stars. They seem so near, so bright, so comforting, I must stay just a little longer, then I will catch up to my friends.
 My bright stars are fading to black, and the beautiful sounds of the night are growing dim in my ears. I am so very tired, all I want is to close my eyes and go to sleep, but something is wrong, my eyes will not close, I can not blink. My stars are gone, and all is silent. The gentle breeze is still there, but I wish it would stop, for I am getting very, very cold. Colder than I could have ever imaged.
 Suddenly a soft whisper reaches my ears, telling me all will be OK, and the terror that was starting to grip me is gone and a calmness settles within me. Standing above me is my dad; he smiles and kneels at my side. He reaches over and gently closes my eyes with a loving touch I had not felt sense his death, and once again I am warm, and all is well. My Comrades will have to go on without me, for now I understand, and I know I will never travel from this place.

From Juan Souto of the Argentine Army. Two of our fine old Lancer ladies are still flying high in the army of Argentina.

NONAME30.jpg (71042 bytes)

NONAME32.jpg (49442 bytes)



AE 446.JPG (69862 bytes)  Just in from Juan. A recent photo of Lancer 684.

 AE432 446 DIA AVIACION2001C.jpg (81351 bytes)      Another  picture of Lancer 684 (AE446)

uhnieve1.jpg (46189 bytes)

paga16.jpg (54006 bytes)

paga17.jpg (44611 bytes)

chinook2.jpg (37136 bytes)

foto 610.jpg (117426 bytes)

Some nice shots of their current winter and one for you golfers.

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