Jerry Giffin


As reported by Al Bennett:

I hope this finds you well and that all things are going in the
direction you wish them to.

I am sorry to report that yesterday April 6th we lost another brother. 
Jerry Giffin passed away, Jerry was 53 years old. Jerry has been a LZ
Friendly member for quite awhile and has attended several camp outs at
both Comer and at Danielsville.
While in Vietnam Jerry served as a Huey crew chief and door gunner, he
was with B company 158th Aviation Battalion 101st Airborne from October
1969-1970. His funeral service is tentatively set for Wednesday April 10 in Hahira,
Ga. at the Martin/McClain Funeral home on South Church St. Arrangements are
not finalized with the military at this time.

Take care,
Clear left!
Al Bennett
Beachbum 718 117th AHC Feb.67-68 RVN
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