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Hello Sir,


I wanted to make contact with "the Lancers" and let you know, I flew one of your aircraft in Desert Shield / Desert Storm. My unit was the 273rd Medical Detachment (RA), and we flew the Dustoff mission in the first Gulf War. MY aircraft was 67-17645 and our call sign was Fubijar. I'm attaching a picture of my crew L-R SGT Robert Shotwell-Medic, SGT Terry Eschenbacher -CE, CW4 Roger Whitley PC (also a Vietnam Veteran), and myself then CW2 Bobby Deiss. The picture is of us arrived at Kuwait City early March 1991. It is high noon but there was an overcast from the black smoke of the oil well fires. If you look at the aft window on the right cargo door, you will also see a rectangular “Don’t Mess with Texas” bumper sticker. We were an Army Reserve unit in Conroe, TX, just North of Houston.

645 was a great ship and she never let us down. I thought you guys might like to know something about one of your former birds. It is an honor to have made a connection with B / 158th Aviation BN 101 Airborne! We supported the 1st CAV during the ground attack portion of Operation Desert Storm. Can you please check and see if there is a photo of 645 from Vietnam? I didn't see any posted.

Take care and God Speed my Brothers!

CW4 Bobby Deiss (RET)

Fubijar 17

SGT Robert Shotwell-Medic, SGT Terry Eschenbacher -CE, CW4 Roger Whitley PC (also a Vietnam Veteran), and myself then CW2 Bobby Deiss

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Thanks Chief!


Sharing comments posted by others in the flight:


John Meisner


That Huey was part of the original helicopters given to B Co at Ft. Carson. Amazing it has survived and was still in the air.


Keith Boyd Lancer 19:


Wow! That was my ship. No kidding. Beautiful then and apparently still is. My ship for about 6 months in 70"71. Actually belonged to Steve Anglin the CE, but he let me drive. It was one smooth machine. I can't believe it is still flying 45 years later. It's flown a lot of folks along the way.



Jun 9


To W White


This is very Cool ! I will be sure to let my unit members know! I'm keeping track of as many unit members as I can, plus our history, and our aircraft. I haven't found where 645 is at present. I had a lead with the exact same serial number, but two other different aircraft would you believe. One turned out to be a Mike model at some museum in Missouri, don't know who erroneously put our serial number with it. The USAF had a B-26K that had the 67-17645 serial number. It would have been a hoot to fly.

OBTW for the record our 76-17645 was a UH-1V Victor model as we called it. Exactly a Hotel Model but added instruments (Radar altimeter for night hoist missions we flew under goggles, and a DME (Distance Measuring Instrument) gave us the distance between fixes, VOR's, etc. Here's a couple of more pics of 67-17645 Veteran of Vietnam & Desert Shield/Desert Storm!

While the unit doesn't have a web site right now, I will stay in touch with you guys, and will send a link to your website to my unit members.


Go in Peace My Brothers!









   67-17645 ARRIVAL to 159th MASH IRAQ